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Our top-rated grand larceny and petit larceny attorneys, and identity theft, robbery, burglary, and theft lawyers rank among the best New York City criminal and theft defense firms representing clients against any violation of theft laws.

Dedicated, thorough and aggressive, our criminal lawyers offer results-oriented representation in state and federal district courts. We are the go-to theft lawyers. With our attorneys handling your case from the outset, you get first-rate defense against:

Grand Larceny

Petit Larceny

Identity Theft



Grand Theft Charges

Grand Theft Auto

Armed Robbery


Theft of Services


Petty Theft Charges, and all other theft crimes

Masterful Criminal Law Skills

As former prosecutors, our larceny trial lawyers are experienced practitioners on both sides of the criminal litigation. They handle clients facing any counts of felony theft and petty theft (a misdemeanor charge) in the following practice areas: Petit Larceny, Grand Larceny, Grand Theft Auto, Burglary, Robbery, Theft of Services, Shoplifting.

A Unique Approach to Handling Larceny, Robbery and Burglary Defense

The secret of our success as larceny lawyers is the unique approach of firm founder, Ryan Blanch, who assigns a team of attorneys to each theft, robbery, burglary, trespassing, or shoplifting crime cases. He also personally oversees every case. Working closely with other attorneys assigned to each matter, he ensures that everyone becomes aware immediately of all developments affecting every case, thus combining six individuals into a single unit to provide any given client with the best available criminal defense. We are famous for this joint legal effort that is devoted to one purpose: to win for the client.

Legal Prowess at Every Stage in Larceny & Theft Crime Cases

Our grand larceny and petit larceny attorneys provide expert criminal defense at every stage of the way–from government investigation and arrest through prosecution and trial. Our identity theft lawyers rank among the best in the nation at providing premier criminal and theft defense. Our robbery and armed robbery attorneys have cleared the names of people convicted of robbery and burglary crimes. The grand theft auto, theft of services, and shoplifting attorneys at our firm have represented both white-collar executives as well as everyday people in defending them in court.

Unmatched Proficiency in Criminal Justice Proceedings

Facing a criminal charge means months of seeking to extricate yourself from the coils of the criminal justice system. Living through the Criminal Law Process is a nightmare. And it only gets worse if you’re convicted. Our grand larceny, petit larceny, and identity theft lawyers offer a proactive approach to theft crimes, including procedural defense services during:

■Plea bargaining
■Criminal justice pleadings and motion practice
■Suppression hearing larceny law defense
■Masterful criminal trial techniques
■Notice of appeal filings
■Post criminal conviction relief

Experienced Legal Representation

The skills of our seasoned larceny defense lawyers can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal of the client–a crucial difference in your life and in those of your loved ones. Turning to the criminal defense team at the Blanch Law Firm is your best defense.

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